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About Us

Deeply Rooted In
Professionism & Compassion

Situated in a peaceful and serene suburban area of Taman Yarl, KL, we opened our doors in September 2019. Luscious flower gardens amidst generous outdoor spaces and a herb garden tucked in the backyard will truly allow our loved ones to embrace the natural beauty outdoors.

Our home is spacious and bright with easily accessible rooms that are comfortably furnished, with convenient en-suite bathrooms. Call buttons and handrails are strategically situated throughout the home to ensure help is always a touch away.

At the heart of delivering optimism and high quality of care lies our senior care team consisting of professionals from diverse healthcare backgrounds who provide fundamental services.

Enriching Lives with Dignity and Compassion
Personalized Care for Independent Living
Embracing Aging with Respectful Community Support

Hand In Hand,

Heart To Heart!

We form a team dedicated to the well-being of those who once led the way. In our unity, we find strength; in our compassion, we make a difference. Together, we create a haven of care and comfort for our beloved seniors.

Visiting Hours (By Appointment Only)
Daily 10am – 7pm
From Our Heart to Yours